P2P Cashback and Referral Bonus

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Lots of p2p platforms offer cashback, referral & refer a friend bonus programs.  I only recommend platforms which I use myself. Below you can see an overview of the available programs  (in the table). If a platform is not listed there, then there is no such program. I would be happy if you could still register through one of the links on this blog. It might be possible that I am in their affiliate program and get a little sign up premium anyway. If you do so, you are supporting this blog. There are no hidden costs for you and there is no disadvantage for your.

Below the table a have written a short overview how the program works.

Mintos1% 3 monthsRegistration through this Link
Estateguru1% 3 monthsRegistration through this Link
Lendix20 EurouniqueRegister through this Link and pay in 200 Euro
Currencyfair30 EurouniqueRegister using this Link and transfer at least 2000 Euro
Kuetzal0.5% + 15 Euro180 days / uniqueRegistration through this Link Click on register. For additional 15 Euro sign up bonus add P2PHERO in the promo code field
Property Partner50 GBPuniqueRegistration through this Link and invest GBP 1k
Bondster1%3 monthsRegister through this Link and enter promocode 4985
Brickowner50 GBPuniqueRegister with this link and invest GBP 1k
Transferwisefree transferuniqueRegister through this Link and transfer up to GBP 500
Housers25 EurouniqueRegister through this link and invest EUR 50.
DoFinance+1% interestfirst 3 monthsRegister through this link and invest.
Iuvo Group30 to 90 EurouniqueContact me if interested. I will explain the procedure by email.
Flender5% cashback30 daysRegister through this link and start investing
Envestio0.5% cb + 5 Euro270 daysRegister through this link and invest at least 100 Euro
Bondora5 EurouniqueRegister through this link and you get 5 EUR.
Transfer go10 GBPuniqueRegister through this link and you transfer at least 50 GBP
Viventor5 EurouniqueGo to Viventor and add this code WT6391while registering. Minimal Investment at least EUR 500
Lenndy10 Eurounique
Register through this link and you transfer at least 50 GBP

Estateguru – 0.5% Bonus for the first 3 months

If you click on this link, you will get 0.5 percent bonus on all your investments during the first three months. The bonus will be added to your investment account after the loan has been funded and transfered to the borrower. You can put in the code manually as well at registration. My code is EGU36099

Mintos – 1% cashback bonus for the first 3 months

Mintos (click for the bonus) offers new investors 1 percent cashback bonus for their investments during the first 3 months . The payments will be made monthly, applying the following logic: month 1 -> credit of 1% from average invested capital. Month 2 -> comparison of month 2 with month 1, if the invested amount is higher then in the previous month, the difference will be credited to you, if the amount is less, nothing happens, no deduction either. Month 3 -> comparison of month 3 with month 2 and any increase of the average amount invested will be credited to your account. Again no deductions if the amount is less then in the previous month.

Currencyfair pays Eur 30 plus a free wirement for the first transfer of funds

Currencyfair (click, to be eligible for the bonus) ist not a p2p platform, but a payment service provider. You can use it for currency exchanges if you want to convert GBP to EUR or vice versa. You can profit here from low exchange rates and fast transfers. Currencyfair pays 30 Euro to new users if the first transfer is Eur 400 (or an equivalent in any other currency). In my opinion this is a really nice bonus and you should benefit.

Fellow Finance pays 50 euro for new investors

Fellow Finance pays EUR 50 to existing investors for each referred investor who invests at least 300 Euros. My Offer: Let me refer you (through email) and I will share the bonus with you. Use the contactform and let me know on which email adress you would like to be invited. Please note that you will need to use this email adress for sign up, otherwise it will not work with the bonus. After I received the bonus, I will pay 25 Euro to you. For that I will need your bank details.

rebuildingsociety.com pays GBP 10 to new investors

New investors can test the platform for free and rebuilding society pays 10 GBP for their first investment. You get the bonus if you sign up through this link . The bonus will be paid some days after you confirmed your identity

Lendix offers 20 Euros to new investors…

…if they pay in at least 500 Euro and sign up through through this link. You should invest this invest to achieve a proper level of diversification. Plus the platform offers very very low default rates.