Grupeer now offers autoinvest plus some stats

Finally the autoinvest feature arrived at Grupeer. About 3 weeks ago this feature was introduced on the platform. Due to the low number of loans plus the great availability I think the autoinvest is nice to have at the moment, but it still makes my life easier to invest. I can spare me the log ins after I got a repayment or interest received information. Following I will show you my settings I use with my autoinvest. You can see it on the below picture (by the way, you find the ai in the invest menu in your account):

Unfortunately we have to set a minimum and maximum with the interest rate. I tried to set it from 14 percent to open end, but this does not work. Same thing with the loan duration. Plus you need to set an expiry date for the ai, again this field cannot be empty. There is room for improvement, especially with this point. For what do we need an expiry date for an autoinvest function? Ok, we can work around that by selecting a date in the far futur. Basically the ai is a smooth and intuitive solution, expect for the points I mentionned. Below the settings you will find a guide for the ai, if you need one. The ai kicks in within 5 minutes after you activated it. It just invested in one loan in my case. Really nice of my ai to choose the loan with the highest available interest rate, matching my settings. This is really great. It could have just invested in a loan with 14 percent and would still be between my parameters. It seems there is a rule in the background which tells the ai to pick the highest interest rate first, which lies in the settings. Unfortunately it was a project without cashback, well, we cannot have everything 😉

At the overview of the ai on the right hand side you see the button named “old”. If you push this button, your ai invests again in projects which you already have in your portfolio. If you press it again, it does it again 😉 This helps if there are only few loans available and you still want to invest all your funds. You do not need to change your criteria in the ai, and can still invest all your funds.

Stats: a clear uptrend

During its first year after inception Grupeer funded about 2 milions of euro. Right now we are over 5 millions, this means during the last 3 months about 3 million were funded. And the trend continues, as they increased the volume of new loans significantly. The marketing department sent me below chart:

We can really see an increase in new investors and funds invested. Really interesting that in April and May the Spaniards financed more then half of the total investments. Spaniards can be found in the top investors on other platforms as well, but never like in this case. Sure, the chart only shows two months and not the whole picture, but still impressing in my opinion. Spain seems to be very open to crowdfunding and crowdlending. I can see that as well, as I got a lot of traffic coming from Spain. I believe they are reading it in English or use google translate. Let’s hope that the marketplace can grow further and we do not have to deal with defaults. Follow me to Grupeer registration.

Grupeer accelerates the supply

It has been now over a year withGrupeer, since I found the marketplace. On February 17th 2017 I started my first investments on Grupeer. I really do like the marketplace, even if there are some shortcomings (read more below), although I have placed them in to the Top 3 of my Top 10 ranking.

Loan supply increases drastically

During the last weeks, there were always more loans coming to the primary market. Further the supply of Russian loans increased and should now be at about 200k per month. At the moment there are over 300k available on the primary market, all loans have 14 or 15 percent interest, some offer 1 percent cashback additional. You get the cashback paid out on your account, just after you invested. The loans have a duration of up to 12 months, some are only 4 months.

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The Russian loans are originated by two Russian companies where Grupeer holds the majority, they want to have the control over these companies so that they can intervene and monitor. There are no property projects at the moment, and I don’t have any information when a new one will be added. The first property project (Hotel Dominik) was repaid in time.

What’s missing

Still no secondary market available, although it was announced on the platform’s start. Ok, the loans are not long term, so we do not really need a secondary market. But I think a platform should have this feature, it is standard in my opionion. I cannot give you any indication when we will get a secondary market, but we will get one 😉

As it seems all loans have been repaid early or on due date (we ignore the few cases where it was one to two days too late due to weekends). There comes the question to my mind: How can this be? I have no clue and did not receive a satisfactory answer to date. I will stick with it and inform, when I know more.

Latvians are excluded

Coincidentally I discovered that Latvians, better put: people who live in Latvia, are excluded from the platform. I was really surprised to hear that, as Grupeer is incorporated in Latvia. There is an easy explanation though. In Latvia it is forbidden to sell debt to private investors. I have written an article about regulation in Latvia here, and this is the reason why Mintos had to restructure their loan contracts. It seems that Grupeer just took the easier path and excluded the Latvians, as it seems there are not many of them investing on Grupeer.


As I already said I really like the Grupeer, but it seems to be still unknown to the majority of investors. There were only financed loans of about 1.5 Million Euros, which plays in one league with Robocash I would say. It would have been more, but the supply was not there during the first months. I will post a follow up when I know more about the non existing delays.. Follow me to Grupeer.

New cashback offers and investment opportunities

Due to the cash drag situation at some platforms I have shown you some possibilities to invest your funds.  Of course real estate platforms are a good choice as well.  Let me give you an overview of current opportunities and new cashback offers.

Up to 90 Euro cashback at Iuvo Group

Beginning of this year I have let my investments run out at Iuvo Group as my results were not really convincing (relative to other opportunities at that time). Some weeks ago I rejoined them as I received a cashback offer for old investors to rejoin.  Since then my yield is (per XIRR) about 10 percent, on the other hand the platform shows me 11. This is a far better result than last time. This time I did not invest in overdue loans, which seems to be the more fruitful strategy, but it could be just luck. My number of loans and my investment horizon are to small to draw a relevant conclusion. Now there is a cashback scheme for new investors if you invest at least 1000 EUR (or an equivalent in Bulgarian Currency), and get 30 Euro. If you top up your investments by at least 1500 Euro during your first 2 months on the platform (total 2500 EUR) you get additional 60 Euro as a bonus. Necessary steps to be eligible:

1. Get in touch with me via contact form, that I can send you an invitation
2. Register with the same email at Iuvo
3. Transfer and invest at least EUR 1’000.-.
4. You get your cashback credited within 2 business days

Still 1% Cashback at DoFinance

Still 1 percent cashback (with this link only) for new investors for their deposits within the thirst 30 days. I don’t know how long this offer will stay valid, it could be cancelled anyday. Look at DoFinance’s functionality..

Grupeer opened up for new originators

Grupeer started a new product some weeks ago with Russian shortterm loans of 2 to 3 months with a buyback protected yield of 15 percent.  This week there were no loans of this kind added to the platform. I believe they would like to see first a redemption of the first loans, which are due end of October. In the meantime they added more loan originators to the platform with some nice loans yielding 14 percent for up to 12 months. There is always something to invest at Grupeer.

Bulkestate with a new project and one in the pipe

Now the newest Bulkestate Project is online: Hotel appartements in Bulgaria which will be sold with a profit. The duration is 8 months and the yield is set at 13.8% which I consider attractive given the shorter then usual duration and low LTV of 35 percent. In some weeks we should see another (development) project in Riga with a nice yield. Check out Bulkestate  and open a free account. This makes sure that you get news of the platforms newest projects.

Bulkestate Hotel Complex

Just an info to the functionality. You can’t hold funds in your Bulkestate account at the moment. You place your bid and then get an email with payment instructions based on which you can make your transfer and pay for your bid. A little bit unconfortable I know, but a solution is in the making. So Investing should get easier down the road, but as always, these solutions take time to be developped and appear on the platform. It is never easy when money is involved as regulatory requirements have to be met for our own safety.


Housers offers 50 euro Cashback until October 31st

Invest 50 Euro and get additional 50 Euro to invest. Nice deal, isn’t it. Valid through October. Just use this link to register and you are entitled to receive your cashback once you made your first investment. Please note: when you

Housers Hostel

make your investment they ask you for a promotion code, this has nothing to do with the cashback offer. It is a special promo for investors to receive more interest when they invest more then amount X, as stated in the project description. You can leave this empty. At the moment there is such an offer, check out the image.

Flender offers 10 percent cashback in October

You just have to register through this link and invest 2500 Euro during october and you get at least 250 Euro cashback. Your bid date counts, it does not matter if the funding period goes into November. If you bid by end of October, you will be granted your bonus, even if the project would not complete funding at all.

Grupeer to offer new loan type at 15% with buyback

Maybe you asked yourself if I am nuts or not when I put Grupeer on the second place of my top 10. Well, at that point I already knew about the new loans which will pe put on the platform beginning next Tuesday. This and the other points which are in favour for the platform had some influence on my decision. Too bad that they now introduced their new loans in a bad way. If we are honest, who has understood that mechanism from that short email? Some weeks ago I was approached from one of their representatives who wanted to get my opinion on these loans and if they are suitable. It told them yes, but make sure you explain the mechanism completely in a transparent way. I guess they failed on that one. One reason might be that Grupeer wanted to be the first mover as I know there is at least one platform who is developing such a structur as well.

A scheme of the new loans

For a better understanding I have a scheme of the new loan for you, which should clarify the structure a little bit. The dashed line represents the border between the EU and Russia. There are several parties involved which does not make it easier. Another crunchpoint is that we have capital movements between the EU and Russia, and we do not know at this point how the authorities will react to that. Imagine it like this: You have two closed systems (EU payment system and the Russian on the other side). No there will be a connection established by both with entry and exit points. On these points the authorities monitor all transactions. As the relationship between the EU and Russia saw better days in the past I can envision that there is someone watching. This is one reason why (amongst others) that we will see weekly loan volume from 30 to 40k in the beginning. If all goes well, this figure can easily be multipled.


Be aware that this represents a new type of loan from a EU entity to Russian SME’s, where several parties between two countries are involved. The whole thing is untested and if it goes sideways I guess it will be difficult to retrieve the funds, and it will take some time. 15 percent yield don’t come without risk, as there is no free lunch 😉 Follow me to register with Grupeer

A short update of my experiences with Grupeer

After I wrote a post on Grupeer in February it was very quite about the platform. They completely focussed on platform improvements. This was necessary as there were some weird bookings of interest and capital payments. Further some descriptions on the Grupeer platform seemed (and some still seem) awkward. But I can tell you, that at least the German version is being revised and will go online in some time. We should not forget that it is still a very young platfrom which went live only few months ago. As within every project, one can learn most when gone live and receiving the users feedback. I do not imply that we should accept all flaws but I think we should review it rationally and remind us, that in every new product, mistakes or inaccuracy could happen.

What is new? What is coming?

In my account all transactions (interest, capital repayment and investments) are correct now. I really like the websites’ speed. Beside Viventor one of the fastest platforms I know. Check it out, fantastic.

A secondary market was due to go live in march, but until today no sign of it. I can see that it is now scheduled for later this year.

No financial Statement / A Meeting was requested

Due to the platform’s youth there is no financial statement available. I can say though that I saw the balance sheet as well as the profit and loss Statement of one of their loan originators. They looked solid. I know, this presents no big help to you, but I cannot say more (non disclosure Agreement).

During Easter I could have met some Grupeer representatives in Berlin. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend to that meeting in Berlin, due to the distance from where I live. I will try to catch up on this meeting through Skype.


I am aware, that my published news are rather vague, but I cannot say more at the time being. The point is that I try to present Grupeer in the proper light, as the platform was critised. They improved over the last weeks and I am hopeing that this will last. The loans are getting filled and it seems as there are some active Investors. This is no call to invest at Grupeer, I just think the platform deserves a chance for a second look.

If you have some questions, just post.

Grupeer – a new p2p platform with buyback

Again I have a brand new platform for you: Grupeer, which is based in Riga, Latvia. From the design and the functionality it reminds me somewhat of Mintos and Viventor (before the big update). Concerning the available loans we are off to a little different territory as there are business loans (with buyback) in contrast to what we are used to: payday loans.  The same thing is valid for these loans: the buyback is only as strong as the loan originators financial strength. At the moment interest rates vary from attractive 13 to 14 percent with short durations of up to 12 months.

Beginning of March 1st a secondary market will be offered. More interesting to me is the fact, that soon there will be Real Estate projects on the platform. Investors then can purchase shares from that project und participate at the generated rental income. At the moment there is one Real Estate project (with buyback). Within this project investors are creditors, not shareholders. This is another possibility which will be offered in future. Therefore Grupeer can be considered a hybrid between p2p and und equity crowdfunding.

How does buyback work?

Buyback will step in 60 days after a payment is overdue. The buyback covers the residual value of the principal plus accrued interest.

Further information

Below I have added a screenshot from the primary market (minimal investment 10 Euro). There you can see the creditor (loan originator) and can view the details (where you see the buyback)

At the moment the english version is not very well translated (I pointed them to this and they are fixing it). Let’s hope it will get better fast 😉

An auto invest functionality is in planning and will be added in the coming weeks.


The platform uses a known path regarding the p2p lending, which is a good thing. If you invested with Mintos, Viventor or Twino you will be familiar with Groupeer very fast. I don’t know what to expect from the equity crowdfunding, but it will be interesting in any case. I am looking forward to exploring this possibility. Finally we mustn’t forget that Grupeer is a very new platform. At this stage it is hard to assess the risks involved. After I made my first investments I will report back and give an update with probably more information.