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Ok, Viventor never really disappeared but kept a low profile. I stopped investing beginning last year as my funds were not invested anymore over an extended period. The marketplace never tried to grow at all cost but managed it with a matter of prudence. (You can read here in German what their approach is). I always liked the platform, but what should I do when my money lies on my account for weeks, furthermore as there were alternatives? As it seems today’s situation is different, and Viventor emerged as an alternative to Viainvest of Swaper, where there are reports of cash piling up. For me the situation is not that bad as only 10 to 15 percent of my funds sit on my account. If this is not going to change, I will withdraw funds and send them to Viventor.

What sort of loans are available?

At the moment there are more then one thousand loans with buyback and 12 percent interest. The total volume is easily more then 1 milion. The loans duration is up to 3 years, but are amortised monthly, so that the effective duration of your funds is lower. Further I don’t believe that most of these loans make it to maturity. I guess most will be bought back down the road. Sometimes there are some loans with 14% yield, but don’t expect to get too many of them as they are in high demand ;). If you are investing with Mintos, then some of the loan originators will be familiar to you: Aforti Finance and Mybucks. My guess is that these loan originators want to diversify their sources of capital, to not being dependent to only one marketplace.

Viventor primary market loans
Overview of current 12 percent loans availability

What to consider?

I observed the loan volumina for some weeks now and I think it is stable. Of course this can switch quickly, but in my opinion Viventor follows a sustainable strategy so the current situation will remain. One really good thing is that you don’t need a certificate of taxation for Viventor. There will no interest be withheld. It used to be mandatory to have that tax certificate, but not anymore. Makes life easier. All you need for sign up is an utility bill and an identification document.


As I already have written: I really lkie Viventor’s approach. It is prudential and non hectic. They don’t want to do business with every loan originator and are willing to decline some, even if this means there is less volume on the platform. The platform runs very quickly and looks nice, the ai does what it should. The only reason why Viventor was not in my Top 10 is, that it was nearly impossible to get invested in 2017 until last October. If you would like to sign up, follow me. By the way, if you use my link and invest EUR 500 for 30 days you get 10 Euros cashback.

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