Peerberry – my live test (incl. autoinvest)

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Last week I introduced aventus group’s peerberry to you. Currently my money has arrived the marketplace, so I think I can give a little update. By the way, the platform is not only limited to European investors, but open to some countries in South America (Brazil), Asia (China, Thailand, UAE etc) Australia and New Zealand plus South Africa (and others). This comes as a little surprices, but hey, it is no different with Mintos, where they welcome nearly any investor from any country (USA as an exception).

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My deposit was sent on its way in the morning and I did not reckon that it would get there the sam day, but it did. At about 10 pm I got the deposit confirmation in my mailbox. Actually I guess that the money was there way earlier, but only confirmed at this time. Maybe 10 pm is the time they are processing the confirmations or the platform needs some time to process the deposits. Doesn’t matter anyway, money is there, good to invest 😉

Investing and autoinvest

Firstly I purchased one loan manually to check how this is going. It went smoothly and quickly. After that I have set up an autoinvest (see picture)

Peerberry Autoinvest Settings

I expected the autoinvest to immedeately invest my funds, but nothing happened during the following minutes. I rechecked my settings and could not find an error. So I thought I just wait until the next day. Next morning I logged in to Peerberry and saw that everything was invested the day before. So it happened between 10.15 and 12 pm. I can’t figure out any specific time. The autoinvest does its job. I couldn’t manage to choose more then one setting with the countries (either Czech Republic or Poland), same with loan status (either current or delayed). This means that at the moment I have to set up an autoinvest profile for every country I would like to invest int. Well, maybe it is not a bad idea at all to have several autoinvests running, as my experiences with swaper show. At the moment there are enough loans available, but you never know…

General impression

Basically I am positive towards the marketplace. Everything is easy to figure out. I like the layout, as it is modern and subdued. Some things are not as they should though. If I for example change my data, a thank you for investing message pops up when saving. I guess they will change these minor things down the road. In some weeks I will be back with more news on buybacks, reinvestments etc.Follow me to Peerberry’s registration.

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