DoFinance news: Cashback and loyalty scheme

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Some time ago I already introduced DoFinance to you (need to check it out due the buyback functionality). Since then some weeks have passed and the platform has worked intensively behind the scenes. Now is the time to share some news with you.

Cashback for new investors

If you sign up through a DoFinance link (this one brings you directly to registration) on this blog you automatically get 1 percent cashback for your average invested deposits during the first 30 days after registration (minimal investment amount is EUR 100). So you’ll get 1 additional euro for every hundred you are investing, with 1k invested this makes 10 bucks which you can invest in fish & chips plus a pint 😉 Or do whatever you like. Important: Cashback will only be applied if you use one of my links. If you decide to start with 25k you get better interest rates as a surplus (see next paragraph).



Loyalty scheme for existing investors and new ones (14% interest)

Also there is reason for joy for existing investors (applies also to new investors) as well: DoFinance starts its loyalty scheme. There are two ways to get accepted: 1) You invest at least 25k (which is too much for must of us, including me) or 2) you help to improve the platform with your suggestions, hints on errors and sharing of new ideas for them. I cannot quantify how much you need to deliver to get accepted to the scheme. This is decided only by DoFinance.

VIP’s questions and problems will be handled with priority, but they promised to me to handle everyone else’s querries in an adequate amount of time as well 😉

What else?

You see, DoFinance really wants to move something. The next steps comprehend the addition of further currencies, improve the transparency by sharing more information on the borrowers. Additionally the investment process shall be leaner and easier by the addition of new filters. And of course your ideas will be implented if they are backed by others. To some part we as investors are able to influence the platform’s future path, at least partially.Use this link for registration to get 1% cashback.

In case of any questions, please post them here.

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