Investly to launch a campaign on seedrs in January

Investly used to be one of my favorite platforms last year (German only), but then I quit (German post only). There was and still is too much demand from investors, which pushed yields down to approximately 8 percent (in EUR). The situation is more or less the same, so I just reinvest the installements I get back from my two loans there. As Investor the platform is nothing for me right now, but as a shareholder I am on board. So I am very pleased that Investly announced that they will launch a public funding round at Seedrs in the first weeks of January. I recommend to open an account with seedrs right now if you wish to join this project, as the process of verifiying your identity can last some days. Follow this link to register.

What does Investly do?

Investly is an Estonian p2p platform where sme’s can list their invoices and sell them to investors to bolster their liquidity. This is comparable to Advanon from Switzerland to some extent (sorry, post only available in German).

In the beginning Investly funded loans for sme’s, but recognized quickly that there is more demand for short term liquidity injections. So they started to offer invoice financeing as a consequence and they had two products to offer. Some time after dancing on both parties they realized that there is more potential with the invoices and the loan origination was more difficult. So they decided to focus only on invoice financing. First in Estonia only and then in the UK. Since this decision the volumes grew every month in both regions. The growth rate for the UK is not that impressive at the moment, but I guess there is a lot of upside.

Key Data

There are a lot of unknowns in there, but what I can say is the following. Minimum funding size is planned to be GBP 500k with a max capped at 2.5 Mio. They start with a valuation of GBP 6.67 Mio which is a lot in my opionion. I do not have any financials to date, so I have to rely on my gut feeling and on the monthly volume stats which I get from Investly. As said before, the planned launch date for this round will be January,, but it could take longer. There is always a lot formalities etc to be done which can slow down the process.


I guess I will join Investly as a shareholder as I like their concept and see a lot of upside especially in the UK. The valuation seems to be high, so I have to reevaluate how much I will be buying. Take a look at Investly, if you do not know the marketplace already.