News from the blog and new bonus schemes

In case you have missed it: my blog is now superfast ūüėČ This wasn’t the case some weeks ago. Sometimes my blog was not reachable at all. A change of hoster plus some minor tweaks helped very much. 

At the time being I am investing in more then 30 platforms and have published more then 120 posts (German and English summed up). Because of that it might get a little confusing here. To give you a better overview I have added some overview pages. You can find here an alphabetical ordered list of all my post and here an overview of all my published pages. Ich hope these tweaks will benefit you, my dear readers. For futher improvements I am always open, just let me know. Enough now with my blog I would like to introduce 2 new bonus or cashback schemes to you.

Flender offers 10% cashback for a limited time only

Correct, you get 10% of your invested capital as a bonus, if the following requirements are met:

1) Register until June 30 of this year and make your first investments prior or latest to that date.

2) Invest more then EUR 1’000.- or GBP 1’000.- (depending on your base currency) and that….

3) … during 60 days after registration…..

4) …… use this cashback link

You can spread your investments in as many loans as you like, but just between 60 days after your registration. So you get 100 bonus for every thousand invested. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Just a tipp: there is no possibility to wire money at the moment, you need to pay by credit or debit card once you chose your loan and give your bank account details, where you would like to receive your repayments. This looks as follows:

Lendy (formerly Saving Stream) pays 50 pounds to new investors

If you register through this link and invest at least 1k of GBP for minimum three months you automatically get fifty pounds. This offer is limited to uk residents at the moments, I will try to convince them to open it to all investors.


Some news from p2p land

Today I have only some news and updates for you.


With Swaper it always looks like there are no loans available. That’s not entirely true as new loans are added everday, but they get sucked in by the autoinvests. My money is always nearly completely invested. Within 4 to 6 weeks loans from a new country should be added to the platform and will increase the supply. I am not allowed to say which one at the moment. It won’t be Denmark, as they are¬†looking for ¬†staff there first. Denmark will follow after next.¬†Visit Swaper.

Saving Stream will be named Lendy 

As I mentioned before Lendy ltd is the operator of Saving Stream. Now the platform will adopt the same name.¬†Rumours say that the FCA made this one of some¬†mandatory conditions for Saving Stream to obtain fully authorised status.¬†There are no other changes at the moment, but maybe we will be confused by Lendy and Lenndy, the lithunian platform ūüėČ

Twino to offer payment guarantee loans

Twino has announced to offer loans with a payment guarantee in the near future, an invention by Twino. These loans will always pay on due date, this will give some planning security to investors. That’s nice, but these loans are no invention by Twino. Omaraha uses this procedure on their secured loans and Lenndy on their buyback loans. Maybe Twino did not know that, or didn’t look so hard ūüėČ

Estateguru is getting on my nerves, but the supply increases

Not really official news, but I have to get rid off it ūüėČ There is room for improvement for Estateguru in terms of investor communication. It takes days to get answers (if any) to emails and it looks like that late payers are handled with kid gloves¬†. There are borrowers that pay their interest installment always late¬†and it seems like as Estateguru is tolerating that. In the end I have to admit, that there is no default to date and all borrowers have paid up. As investor I cannot complain with the supply of new loans in the last 2 weeks. Nearly daily new loans are coming in and sometimes more then one per day. This is fantastic and hopefully sustainable.

Saving Stream changed its rules (for the better)

Recently Saving Stream announced a change of their rules. Further the second default was processed without any shortcoming for investors. Let’s take one thing at a time:

Purchases without funds on account now only possible on primary market

Saving Stream offered through the¬†INPL system (invest now pay later)¬†a possiblity to invest without even having sufficient or any funds on the account.¬†This has come to an end, at least on the secondary market, where loans only can be bought, if the investor’s account is sufficiently funded.¬†The primary market (pipeline loans) is not affected by this change of rules. One can still ¬†subscribe for the desired amount in new loans and gets the assignment (or even partially, depending on the demand). Afterwards you still have 48 hours time to fund your account, as it used to be.¬†This may be a little bit annoying for investors, but this step seems quite logical as you should only be able to buy something (and get interest) if you have the funds available. From Saving Stream’s viewpoint I can fully understand this measure.

Some new notations and their functionality

On the secondary market you can see on the rearmost column the interest status, in this case it is IOA (see picture below):

IOA (interest on account): Interest is paid in advance and will be credited to the investor’s account on the first day of the month. Everything is okay here.

SBL (serviced by Lendy): Saving Streams platform operator is Lendy ltd. During this status the interest is being serviced by Lendy. The borrower is delayed 1 to 90 days. This does not mean that something bad is around the corner, but it might be an indication that not all will go as planned.

IA (interest accruing): Interest is still accruing, but not credited on the investor’s account anymore.¬†This happens if a loan is late ¬†91 to 180 days.¬†¬†Again, this does not mean that the borrower does not pay in the end, but it might be an even stronger indication that something might go southward.

DEF (default): Loans which are overdue for more then 180 days are considered as a default. These loans can still be sold, but are placed within the default tab and therefor no longer visible on the secondary market.

These change of rules has lead that 3 loans  (PBL074, PBL075 & PBL081) als have been marked as defaults. Now we have a clear understanding of which loans on Saving Stream are marked as default.

PBL020 – default was settled

It has took a while, but in the end the loans was processed and all investors have received their capital plus interest. So, as to date no investor has ever lost a single penny by investing with Saving Stream. The downside is, that the provision fund has covered a lot for investors in this default and is now low on money. So maybe with the next default, investors might suffer some losses. So look closely in which loans you are investing and monitor your portfolio.

If you would like to give Saving Stream a try, then register here. You can for example use Currencyfair for the money transfer and currency exchange and get a 30 Euro bonus in doing so (if you use the previous currencyfair link and transfer more then 400 Euro or the equivalent in any other currency).