Robocash – an update after more then 4 months

In February 2017 the platform was launched. I joined robocash when they started and can consider myself in the midst of the first five investors. A lot has happened during the last months. Robocash was able to announce that more then 1  million Euro of investors money has been raised so far and more then 2 millions of loans were financed. This means that a lot of investors reinvest their capital and interest. In the meantime robocash counts more then 500 investors, what gives an average investment per investor from approximately 2’000 Euros.  Further the platform joined the Lavtivan Alternative Financial Services Association. Mintos, Twino, Viventor and many more are also members. The goal of the association is mainly to further develop the p2p lending industry, of course there are other goals as well.

10’000 Euro Limit

The above average investment might seem somewhat low, but we should put this amount into relation. Firstly, the platform is still young and operative for not much more then 4 months, so I guess some investors just went in with lower amounts for testing purposes, which is perfectly fine. Secondly the platform itself imposed a limit of EUR 10k per Investor. This means you cannot deposit more then 10k, but can invest more then 10k, as you can reinvest your interest. Interest is excluded from this rule, but you can’t deposit one Euro more then 10k, the 1 Euro would be returned. Example: You deposit 10k and after one month you got 120 Euro interest, now you can invest 10’120.- but not pay in any more. The platform justifies this as they still want to gain experience before lifting the limit. I like this decision as I guess other platforms would have just collected what would have been available without knowing if they really need so much capital. This might result in investors funds sitting on the account without beeing invested. I guess the wanted to prevent such a situation, which is favorable for investors. These are just assumptions in the end, but I believe they are true. What I definetly can say is that robocash considered lifting the limitation in May and June, but to date it still persists at 10k.

Loyaltyscheme for the first 1k investors

During launch robocash had announced that the first 1k investors will be added to a loyalty scheme. Terms have yet to be defined but these investors should get more then 14 percent interest on their investments. No worries, there is still time to be one of the first thousand, as per yesterday (28th June) evening 19.00 o’clock there were 514 investors registered. So you can still be part of the loyalty scheme register here directly (click on start investing).

Bugs are good and they want to get better

As anticipated I spotted some bugs here and there and sent them to the support. Sometimes I got a little bonus interest on some loans for helping to spot the bugs, so from that perspective bugs were good for me 😉 Further this showed me that the platform wanted to learn and get better. All my suggestions were considered and if useful implemented. You can also see that the cockpit was revised and that there are new functionalities added.


I have a positive attitude towards robocash. My funds alwazs were invested completely, without my intervention (what is anyway not possible). I can’t report that from all other platforms……. Let’s see what the future brings, I am excited.

Estateguru strides along

It’s been a while since I last wrote something about Estateguru, but now there are exciting news available. The amount of loans funded increased drastically in 2017, they want to focus on the german speaking part, there is a recent update tab now available and the referral/loyalty program will be continued. I will go into more specifics with these features later.

Statistics and a potential default

As you can see in below picture, estateguru was able to increase their funded loans to more then EUR 23.5 milions. From these funds, EUR 9.4 milions are already repaid to investors and achieved a return of 12.5%. To date there are no defaults (= loan which is late for more then 45 days), but it looks like there could be a default looming (look at this loan, and check the „recent updates“ tab). We will see how this plays out, but at one point it had to come to such a scenario. In my opinion this is quite a good thing for investors, as we now can see how Estateguru is dealing with problematic loans, and if it really defaults, we will have a better understanding of how good the valuations and securities really are. Oh I digressed 😉 Back to the figures : There are 141 projects (with 23.5 millions in funds) funded by 7’040 investors from 39 countries.

Recent updates were overdue

If you read my blog frequently you will know that Estateguru jared on my nerves quite often with their lack of communication on overdue loans. They now provided a remedy by introducing the „recent updates“ tab. When you log in, you can see in the right above corner (left from your name and investor number) the available updates. This is really nice, because I would like now the status of overdue installments.

Focus on german speaking area

The website now has a German version (light at the moment, loan descriptions still are in Englisch). A Swiss guy (not me) joined their team as representative for the DACH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). I know, this might not be of interest for you non German speakers, but to me it shows their willingness to grow. As result we could have a platform backed by more investors, therefor able to fund more loans, getting profitable which equals a more secure platform for all of us. 😉

The refer a friend / referral scheme continues

As it seems, more then 7k investors are not enough for Estateguru 😉 and that’s one reason why the bonus program is continued. Remember: If you register through a estateguru link on this blog or manually type in my referral code (EGU36099) then you get 0.5% cashback on our investments during your first 3 months. If you see the code during registration, you are all set 😉 or type it in manually 😉

That’s it for today, I will report back, when I know more about the potential default.

DoFinance – buyback with a different approach

Again there is a brand new p2p platform. With DoFinance another baltic loan originator (Alfa Finance Group, incorporated in 2015) launches a platform to collect funds for their operations. This is comparable to Swaper or Viainvest from the setup (all loan originators with own platforms). Buyback is provided for all loans (although a particular kind, I’ll give more details later).
Alfa Finance funded its first loan during February 2016 according to their stats and has multipled since then (see chart below). If you check out the about us page you get a better picture who their borrowers are.


Buyback with a particular solution

As announced above, now we are heading towards the buyback mechanism, which is probably unique (or odd ;)). You can choose between loans with interest rates set at 6, 8 and 12 percent. Where are the differences? This is explained quite quick: Die minimum duration is 1 month for 6% loans, 2 months for 8ers and six for 12 percenters. The maximum duration is capped at 60 months for all loans. All loans are bullet and therefor now cash flow occurs before maturity (but interest is compounded, but I don’t know at which periodicity). There is no secondary market, but an early termination of the loan is possible. Sounds nice, doesn’t it ? Yes, BUT with the early termination you completely relinquish the interest (depending on the loan). The 6% loans can be called with a 14 day waiting period, but you get the complete interest for your holding period. With the 8% loans you can choose if you want your money after 14 days without any interest, or wait 28 days to get the repayment plus all accrued interest. The 12% loans can be terminated within 28 days, but you forgo all accrued interest…. Tom y knowledge there is any other p2p platform which operates this way.

General impression / risk

At the end of the day the platform looks nice and modest. The autoinvest facility does not work properly at the moment, so you need to go at least semi-manual. You set investment period and interest rate plus your amount and hit invest and all is invested, see screenshot. The site loads quickly. As always when I buyback is involved it is only as good as the party (and their financial capability) which guarantees the buyback. As of now, I don’t know how financial stable DoFinance or their mother company are, but I will try to find it out.


I believe DoFinance can be used as alternative addition to the p2p portfolio. One just need to be sure, that it is possible you must forgo your interest, if you need your money back quickly. It should be clear, that no one should invest money into p2p which is needed back in a short time. There are always risks within this asset class.

Maybe some of my readers have experience regarding DoFinance? Please share your opinion with us!

Unfortunately less then 20% yield at Mintos / Increased interest rates and cashback scheme

It was foreseeable that my really high Mintos return of over 20% would drop at some point. It happened and lies now a little shy of 18%, what is still very appealing.

What are the reasons for this reset?

There are three main reasons. Firstly, the bargains on the secondary market are very limited, and very hard to get respectively. Secondly, the supply of short term loans was too slight, and therefor I was unable to invest all my liquidity there. Last but not least, a trade on the secondary market went bad and hit my return (You win some, you lose some 😉 ). In the end these three factors caused the decrease in my return. Due to the circumstances I am bound to invest more passively at the moment.

Higher interest rates

For some time the loan supply did not look that promising at Mintos. Mogo car loans only yielded with 10.5%, short term consumer loans peaked at 11.1%. Luckily the luck seems to have turned (as other times in the past). Mogo car loans are now offered at 13% (or slightly more for longer terms) and there are new loan originators. The newest addition is Albanian short term loan provider luteCredit which offers loans with 13.5% at the moment. The duration is with about one year somewhat longer compared to other loans, but for this return I am willing to take chances. Hopefully this situation remains as it is for a longer period 😉

Most Investors from Germany

I received some info about the Mintos investors. Most investors come from Germany and are followed by Czechs and Spaniards. Germans like car loans (37% of total investments), personal loans (27%) and short term loans (24%). So more then half (27 + 24 = 51%) of the Germans investments are in consumer loans.

Referral Scheme / Cashback / Promo Code

At the moment there is a refer a friend scheme in place which (valid until July 7th). Sign up and write this code FDQ1DL into the field „promo code“. This will pay you 1% cashback on your invested money for the first three months. If you read this post after expiration, you can still benefit from the 1% offer by registering through this link. This is the more elegant way, as you don’t need to fill in any promo code.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

News from the blog and new bonus schemes

In case you have missed it: my blog is now superfast 😉 This wasn’t the case some weeks ago. Sometimes my blog was not reachable at all. A change of hoster plus some minor tweaks helped very much. 

At the time being I am investing in more then 30 platforms and have published more then 120 posts (German and English summed up). Because of that it might get a little confusing here. To give you a better overview I have added some overview pages. You can find here an alphabetical ordered list of all my post and here an overview of all my published pages. Ich hope these tweaks will benefit you, my dear readers. For futher improvements I am always open, just let me know. Enough now with my blog I would like to introduce 2 new bonus or cashback schemes to you.

Flender offers 10% cashback for a limited time only

Correct, you get 10% of your invested capital as a bonus, if the following requirements are met:

1) Register until June 30 of this year and make your first investments prior or latest to that date.

2) Invest more then EUR 1’000.- or GBP 1’000.- (depending on your base currency) and that….

3) … during 60 days after registration…..

4) …… use this cashback link

You can spread your investments in as many loans as you like, but just between 60 days after your registration. So you get 100 bonus for every thousand invested. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Just a tipp: there is no possibility to wire money at the moment, you need to pay by credit or debit card once you chose your loan and give your bank account details, where you would like to receive your repayments. This looks as follows:

Lendy (formerly Saving Stream) pays 50 pounds to new investors

If you register through this link and invest at least 1k of GBP for minimum three months you automatically get fifty pounds. This offer is limited to uk residents at the moments, I will try to convince them to open it to all investors.


Omaraha and slovakian loans

Howdy, today I will share some recently gained experiences about  Omaraha. Actualy I had planned to deliver an analysis of SIA Best Lizings’ financial figures, but until now I haven’t received any documents for that. Hopefully I will be able to deliver the analysis during June. 

As a lot of things happened in my portfolio I take the opportunity to share some experiences I gained during the last months. 

Slovakian loans

At the lefthand side you can see an overview of my investments. The blue loans are already paid back. These are all slovakian loans with a bad credit rating. Unfortunately they all defaulted without even paying a single dime. They were all bought back by a collection agency for 60 cents on the Euro. Better then nothing, but these loans hit me hard in terms of my yield and portfolio value. At least I know now first hand that the buyback really takes place after 100 days of delay.

As a consequence I stopped investing in slovakian loans with low credit ratings. As for the better rated loans I am not quite sure yet what I will do, I need to get a better understanding and will report back in some weeks. To be fair I have to admit that my little number of loans is too small for a valid sample. It could just have been bad luck with the allocation, but I have seen enough and don’t want to experiment further.

On the other hand I can confirm that estonian loans mostly pay back on time and I have only two investments with little delay. I believe this is a great example for platform’s foreign expansion and the difficulties they face there. Bondora as well had the same problems with slovakian loans. Do not get me wrong, I don’t say slovakian borrowers are bad per se. I believe the platforms focus first on subprime borrowers which have a hard time or no chance to get a loan in their country. So they are really welcoming any opportunity to get a loan. 

Estonian loans

As I already told you my estonian loans perform much better in comparison to the slovakian.  I remain confident that I will cover my losses with the returns from my estonian borrowers. You easily get 20 to 25 percent out of an average borrower. In my opinion this is much better then 50 percent from a non payer 😉



The reasonable thing to do in my opinion is to lay my focus on Estonians, and put my experiment with low graded slovakian loans to an end. 

If your opinion is different or you would like to share your thoughts, be my guest and post a comment.