Flender: a new platform & interview with CEO Kris Koik

„Disclaimer: Flender searched on seedrs for funding. I bought equity in the value of GBP 19.10, so I am a minority shareholder ;). I will publish my own opionion at any time. I just wanted to inform you about this circumstance due to full transparency. “

1) 1) Who came up with the idea of creating a p2p platform? Who are the owners?

I came up with idea and we further developed this with my cofounders Oli Cavanagh and Jeremy Davies. Owners are the founders, angel investor and Seedrs round investors.

2) What are your Major achievements to date?

  • Building out an amazing team and product
  • Having well known investors and fintech entrepreneurs to invest and join our board
  • FCA full authorisation
  • Very successful soft launch in Ireland

3)I can see only business loans on flender at the moment, but it is mentionned that personal loans should be available as well. So can you please laborate a Little bit about the personal loans?

Kris Koik, Flender Founder and CEO

All borrowers have a choice to run campaigns privately and share it only with people who they are comfortable in sharing their campaign with. All of the consumer borrowers have so far selected to run their campaign in private mode and most SME campaigns as well. Therefore on the marketplace you can see campaigns that have selected to be on marketplace only. Comment p2phero: There are 5 business loans listed at the moment, with yields around 10 percent. There seems to be a shortage of investors so far.

4) How is flender different from the other p2p platforms, especially from Linked Finance, the other irish platform?

  • We are the only P2P platform in Ireland that caters for both consumers and SME’s
  • Both borrowers and lenders can select the rate they are willing to borrow and lend at – Flender is a true marketplace platform and not a risk based lender
  • There are no fees for lenders
  • We allow for cross border and multiple currency borrowing/lending
  •  We have FCA full p2p licence

5) What are your next steps, which goals do you want to achieve in the near future?
Next steps are to launch in the UK and North America. Innovative ISA and creating secondary market will be next goals for our business model. Our goal is to bring added comfort and better returns for lenders as no business is more likely to repay the money that includes mom, dad and loyal customers participating in the loan along side the crowd; for borrowers our goal is to provide access to finance much quicker and cheaper compared to traditional lenders.

6) Do you know when we will see your next funding round on seedrs?

We are likely do a convertible note round on Seedrs later this year ahead of our series A

7) Would you like to share some more Information with my Readers? Feel free!

We are open for international investors who would like to participate and take advantage of our attractive loans. For investors who want to invest more then 100k we offer a completely managed investment solution. register here and contact someone of our staff for more details. By the way, the minimum investment is 50 Euro.